Dakota Fanning 'Oh Lola'

This morning I came across an article of Dakota Fanning's Marc Jacobs ad banned for being too racy. I've seen the ad in Myers and several department stores before and I thought she looked lovely and a perfect model for the campaign. Oh Lola! was launched last summer in the states and designed especially as a summer perfume being described as lively, playful, irresistable, stylish and cheerful. The photos are gorgeous, and Dakota who is 17 now- look as delightful as the flower she's holding. Britain's advertising watchdog has ruled for the ad to be pulled immediately from magazines across the UK. According to them the length of her dress, legs and position of the perfume bottle are considered sexually provocative and could contribute to the 'sexualisation of children'. I am usually against underage dressing provocatively.. but in this context Dakota look gorgeous and there's nothing sexual about this ad.... What are your thoughts?

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