Fairytale Engagement Photo shoot PART 1

"Let's pretend for one night the world forgot we exist
Let's let the silence make up for all the words missed
Let's keep the secrets we share hidden in each kiss
Let's let each stare be the lifelong conversation it is
Let's let the moon be our disco ball and the grass our dance floor
The stars our audience, gazing at us as they clap for
The way you twirl as I whisper in your ear
I love you's that act as the music only you and I can hear
Let's imagine this night was created because we were
dancing to the definition of "she's a keeper"


Photography | Teneil Kable
MUA | Fitria Adi
Styling | Yours truly
Wardrobe | Natalie Rolt + ASOS

Everytime I see these pics it always make me feel all mushy inside, I'm so glad we got to do a pre wedding/engagement shoot before the big day! And thank God M didn't complain even once!! If you're engaged or getting married soon I highly recommend to get engagement photos done coz' sometimes the BIG day could get too hectic and emotional haha! We didn't end up getting much photos done on our wedding day, due to time constraint and drama here and there. At least we got these photos and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!

Being the hopeless romantic that I am- I love everything princess and fairytale. I've decided that I want to incorporate those ideas into my engagement shoot. Majority of the inspiration drew from Taylor Swift Enchanted video clip and Disney movies haha! For this look I wanted to feel like a princess in a big white gown and after much research and sourcing I finally found the perfect dress for it! This amazing dress is handmade by Perth rising designer Natalie Rolt. Everything about this dress is truly remarkable, the details, feathers, tulle, everything!! So much thoughts and effort were put into it, there's no doubt that she'll make it far in the industry. The stunning photos were taken by one of my favourite photographer ever- Teneil Kable! She's the sweetest and loveliest person you could ever meet! We hit it right off and I'm so glad the photos turned out exactly how I envisioned it!

Can't wait to share part 2 with you all, for now enjoy your Friday afternoon!

The greatest joy in the world is to love and be loved
A xx


Love Thread


  1. Girl you are WAY too photogenic - you should be a model already!

    And THAT DRESS!!!! OMG! What a perfect dress for a perfect little princess


  2. Absolutely beautiful! This wouldn't happen to be a Natalie Rolt design would it?
    Del x

  3. Hey Mon! Aww you're too nice! THANK YOU!! haha noo I don't have the looks for it! Yes the dress is so amazing! I love it xx

  4. Thanks Adelle! Yup Natalie Rolt, amazing hey! x

  5. What a stunner!! Mon's right - you should seriously do modelling!! A model who styles --> hitting jackpot right there, missy!!

    I would've such a problem of picking a favourite if I were you :X Too beautiful all of them.

  6. Wow these photos are amazing!!!

    My favourite ones are when he is picking you up and its in black n white <3

    And i loveeee Natalie Rolt designs! such a beautiful gown xx

  7. LOOOOVE those shoot, you look gorgeous, the dress is beyond beautiful and the photographs are so pretty :D

  8. Oh my!! Everything about this is AMAZING!! You are stunning and the dress is unbelievable!! Beautiful photos :)


  9. these photos are beautiful! you look like a princess in your magical little dress! love this xx

  10. Thank you so much guys!! Wow you're all so lovely and kind :) :) Teneil did such a great job, I am so pleased with all the photos :D Yes and Natalie is an amazing designer, she's so talented!

  11. Your photos are beautiful and your dress is so lovely. I love the one with you on top of the ladder, it's so magnificent!

  12. Hello,

    I like your blog and your pictures are so beautiful =)


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