Fairytale Engagement Photo shoot PART 2


Click below to see our engagement video by our dear friends Bayanaka.

Photography | Teneil Kable
Videography | Bayanaka
MUA | Fitria Adi
Styling | Yours truly
Wardrobe | Romwe + ASOS

These photos make me feel like we belong in some kind of fairytale. He is my prince and I am his princess and we live happily ever after in an enchanted land. Haha I'm such a cheese! P.S. I'm absolutely in love with the video too, our great friends did this for us for FREE! They literally just stood there recording when Teneil was taking of photos of us. So so talented! So blessed to be around talented and gifted people <3

You'll be my prince and I'll be your princess, it's a love story baby just say yes.

Love A xx

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