Introduction to Love Thread and Co.

Born in 2014, the Love Thread Project was initially the result from this fashion blog that wanted to do more with its influence. Originally from Indonesia, our founder Angeline Lloyd has always had a heart for social justice and a burning passion for world change. 

After watching the fashion documentary ‘The True Cost’, Angeline realised the ethical concerns and social injustices caused by fast fashion. Ninety-two percent of clothes sold in Australia are imported, there is a lack of awareness as to where our clothing comes from, how it’s produced and sourced. The majority of these clothes are made in developing nations where workers are subject to modern slavery. 

They endure poor working conditions, long hours, low wages and other violations of labour rights. Statistically women are the most affected and as a female fashion blogger, this issue is very close to her heart. After realising this problem, Angeline decided to take Love Thread Project to the next step to help provide a solution to the problem.

Love Thread Project officially launched in March 2016, and broadened its operations to a muilti-facted collaborative platform for social change through fashionable ventures.This model extends our reach by allowing for a greater engagement with the creative and fashion industry, fostering collaboration for the ultimate purpose to educate, restore and empower women. Our vision is to use fashion, and the creative industry as a whole, to combat social injustice for women at risk. LTP believes that every woman regardless of their background should know that they are valuable, loved and have the freedom to pursue their dreams.

LTP has then gone on to successfully reach their crowdfunding campaign goal in August 2016 to pave way for the launch of their second venture. They are proud to launch the socially conscious fashion label Love Thread and Co as part of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival's cultural program on September 11th.

LT&Co is delighted to be collaborating with:

Stay tuned for our next post about Love Thread and Co.'s socially conscious capsule collection.

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