Meet the Designers: Imaji Studio

So it's finally the week of our show and we are all beyond excited to share with you what we've been working on! We are especially excited to be collaborating with some amazing designers and we've had the pleasure of interviewing them so you can get to know them and their beautiful work.

Today we'll be featuring the incredible Imaji Studio!

1. Why did you decide to be part of the Love Thread and Co. collaborative capsule collection?
My partner at IMAJI Studio, Shari, told us about Love Thread and Co. which is a socio-enterprise organization that has pledged to give back to the women and children and has actively done so in Bali. Bali is close to our hearts, as we found our fabric artisans and crafters there, and we always think that our vision is to make a difference in the community by doing something we love. That's how we feel Love Thread's vision comes in line with ours and we're glad we were given this opportunity to collaborate and showcase our work in Perth. This is really exciting and we're lucky to be able to contribute something for a good cause at the same time. 

2. How important as a designer is it for you to be transparent/ethical with sourcing & production?
Growing up in a third world country in Indonesia, I feel like the workers in the fashion industry are doing it just so they can live another day. I would not say they are doing it with passion, it is merely for material purposes. It is sad because compared to the developed countries where these kind of services are appreciated more with much better pay. Thus, the transparency would be beneficial for people to actually realize what goes behind the price because some people's life are dependant on it and allow us to give better life to them so they enjoy their works. 

3. What were the inspirations behind the designs you created?
The inspiration for this collection comes from my discovery of land art. Land art is an art movement that allows man-made form of expressions incorporating the nature where the landscape and the work of art are inextricably linked. I'm particularly inspired by the lines and geometric shapes that are created by one land artist, Richard Scilling, where he works with different panels and bright colors that are somehow connected to the nature's colors that surround the artwork itself. I try to mimic the artworks that he creates by giving a rounded silhouette and different panelings in the design, as well as fringes details for the 'nature' feel throughout this colourful collection. 

4. What challenges are there when it comes to producing ethical clothing?
I'd say the challanges itself were on the educating our customers part. We are used to clothes that are cheap with rather good qualities from the big retailers that produce really massive quantities. We always encounter customers asking why the price for our product is high although the designs are quite simple. However so far we've got good responses once we actually inform them what goes behind the creations. 

5. Have you noticed a change in terms of transparent sourcing & production within the industry over the last few years? 
I would like to stay positive and say that people are more aware now of how little the third world countries workers are paid by the giant clothing producers and they believe a change is needed for a more ideal working environment for the workers. This is a good start for being transparent with our sourcing and production to the customers because they are actually exposed to the information, but might be wondering how to contribute. I believe being transparent with our customers will actually make more people be aware and be more eager to join on board with the fashion for good movement.

 6. A parting thought - Where will the fashion industry go from here?
Funny how I just read a trend article that eco-fashion, natural dyes and all things with a good social story will be the trending thing in 2017. Let's hope it does not stop just there!

Stay tuned for more designer spotlights to come!

Love Thread

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