Meet the designers: Wild Horses

Our next fabulous designer we’re excited to be collaborating with is Wild Horses!

1. Why did you decide to be part of the Love Thread and Co. collaborative capsule collection?
It's great to support something you care about. Love Thread and Co is such a refreshing vision and I am fully behind the girls 100%.

2. How important as a designer is it for you to be transparent/ethical with sourcing & production?
Extremely important. A large proportion of the consumer market don't realize how our clothing is made (that's sourcing the fabric, dying, treating, sewing, the conditions of the factory, cost of the garment). Which is why we chose to produce majority in WA. This allows us to support other local businesses and we know what goes on behind those closed doors.

3. What were the inspirations behind the designs you created?
Spring Summer is such a great time of the year and I felt like the mini collection should reflect the sunshine and warmth of the season. We have chosen pastel salmon nudes and powder pastel blues for a softness and piping trim to add our Wild Horses edginess to the mix.

4. Have you noticed a change in terms of transparent sourcing & production within the industry over the last few years? 
Definitely. A lot more businesses and people are aware of how things are made and the term 'fast fashion' means big chain stores and department stores that equals to fast money. There are a lot of documentaries noting the poor ethical trade of clothing manufacturers and its not until a garment manufacturing building collapses for people to realize the seriousness of fast fashion and looking good on the streets. Its quite sad how we can only see somethings when a disaster occurs to get the point across. But slowly more and more are becoming aware of this issue and are making a difference.

 5. A parting thought - Where will the fashion industry go from here?
I think its getting better each year. More awareness equals to more support in local businesses and equal ethical trades. Its taking one step at a time that counts.

Stay tuned for our last designer spotlight tomorrow!

Love Thread

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